Ideal if you are looking for a retro or timeless look, our classic range of bathroom suites combine the ageless style of bathroom furniture from yesteryear with the best innovations of today.

Using a range of suppliers, we can design and create a bathroom which oozes quality and class without losing the benefits that come from modern advancements in technology.

The photographs on this page are just three of the ranges we use: Tavistock Vitoria, Roca New Classical and No-Code retro.

Vitoria basin and pedestal overhead web

Vitoria basin and pedestal web

Vitoria basin detail web

Vitoria cistern handle detail web

Vitoria close coupled pan web

Vitoria high level cistern detail web

Vitoria low level pan and cistern web

Vitoria roomset with close coupled pan web

Vitoria roomset with high level cistern web

Vitoria roomset with low level pan web

Vitoria seat detail web

Roca New Classical 1

Roca New Classical 2

Roca New Classical 3

Roca New Classical 4

Roca New Classical 5

Roca New Classical 6

Roca New Classical 7

Roca New Classical 8

Roca New Classical 9

Roca New Classical 10

Retro Console Basin 2

Retro Console Basin

Retro Flat-Top Basin

Retro HL WC and Bidet white

Retro PWHB