Our Classic range is exactly what it says, an excellent quality classic kitchen at a price that does not break the bank.

We do not skimp on quality, and you can rely on the professionalism and skill of our fitters to do a first-rate job.

Dante: A solid light oak range with a raised & fielded panel, which is extremely popular. Can be combined with painted colours to produce a unique dimension to your kitchen.

Iona Inframe: Either Oak or Painted finish this inframe design provides a strong contemporary appeal that can include curved doors and T&G end panels which can be finished off with stone worktops. (With the painted finish, wood grain is only minimally visible).

Jefferson: A fusion of classic and modern style with ornate detailing made in solid Ash timber with the natural woodgrain highly visible, in a raised & fielded panel. Detailing includes curved and Georgian feature doors. Available in a range of painted colours or if you prefer can be made in sumptuous oak finish.

Madison: Like the Jefferson, is made from Ash timber in the simple Shaker Style. With all the accessories you could want, like curved doors and wooden end panels showing clearly the natural woodgrain through the painted surface or if you choose can be made in a natural light oak finish.

Wakefield: The latest addition to the Jefferson & Madison range of Ash timber kitchen furniture. This is a Shaker door with a decorative inner beading. Only available in a painted finish, with a choice of 16 standard finishes or colour matched to any finish you would like.

Windsor Classic: This expertly crafted traditional kitchen range with a raised & fielded panel, which looks like solid timber but is actually made from ivory ash woodgrain PVC (the only PVC door in our classic range). The uniqueness of this door is, as with our solid door range the Windsor Classic can also be painted in a colour of your choice. You can create a premium look and feel without an exorbitant price tag.

Here are just some of our Classic kitchen ranges, select one of the names from below to see more specific images for that kitchen range –

Click pictures to enlarge:

Dante-Ptd-White-main (800 x 500)

Dante-Ptd_Sagegreen-Cameo (800 x 500)

Dante-Oak&Ptd-Lava-Main (800 x 500)

Dante-Oak-Overmantele-Cameo (800 x 500)

Dante-Oak Painted-Brilliant-White-Cameo-canopy run (800 x 500)

Dante-Oak Concave-Cameo (800 x 500)

Dante-Oak Ant-Main (800 x 500)

Dante-Oak-Painted-Lava-dresser (800 x 500)

Iona-Inframe-Light-Oak-Cameo-wall-units (800 x 500)

Iona-Inframe-Light-Oak-Cameo-quad-door (800 x 500)

Iona-Inframe-close-u-Light-Oak-Cameo (800 x 500)

Iona-Painted-BBlue-Cameo (800 x 500)

Iona-Oak-Ptd-White-Cotton_Main (800 x 500)

Iona-Oak-Inframe-Painted-Graphite-main (800 x 500)

Iona-Oak-Inframe-Painted-Graphite-Cameo oven-dressser-run (800 x 500)

Iona-Oak&Ptd-Sage-Green-Main (800 x 500)

Jefferson-Oak-Ivory-Main (800 x 500)

Jefferson-Oak-Cameo-Frames (800 x 500)

Jefferson-Ivory-Crop-Canopy (800 x 500)

Jefferson-Ivory&Painted-Graphite-Main (800 x 500)

Jefferson-Painted-Main (800 x 500)

Jefferson-Painted-Cameo-Sink (800 x 500)


Madison-Oak&Lt-grey-Main (800 x 500)

Madison-Oak-Cameo-drawers (800 x 500)


Madison-Painted-Stone&White-Main (800 x 500)

Madison-Stone-close-up-curved-cornice (800 x 500)

Madison-Ivory-close-up-knobs (800 x 500)

Madison-Ivory-Main (800 x 500)

Madison-Ivory-oak-overmantle-Main (800 x 500)

Wakefield-Ptd-Stone-cameo-stools (800 x 500)

Wakefield-Ptd-Lava-Oven-Housing (800 x 500)

Wakefield-Ivory&Ptd-Sage-green-main (800 x 500)

Wakefield-Ivory&Ptd-LavaStone-Main (800 x 500)

Wakefield-Ivory&Ptd-Blue-main (800 x 500)

Wakefield-Ivory-Quad-door (800 x 500)

Wakefield-Ivory-Pilaster-close-up (800 x 500)

Wakefield-Ivory-cameo-Glazed-frames (800 x 500)

Windsor-Classic-Cameo-Ptd-olive-Overmantle (800 x 500)

Windsor-Classic-Ivory_IslandSink_cameo (800 x 500)

Windsor-Classic-Ivory_Wine-Rack-Cameo (800 x 500)

Windsor-Classic-Ivory-Main (800 x 500)

Windsor-Classic-Oak&Ptd-Main (800 x 500)

Windsor-Classic-Oak&Ptd-Olive (800 x 500)