Our contemporary kitchens will easily fit into any style of home you want it to.

Some examples of our range are below..

Clonmel: This our customer’s number one favorite kitchen range. The bold, solid oak timber structure stands out with its wide frame and deep profile like no other shaker door of its kind. In its natural form the Clonmel Knotty Oak furniture exudes quality with its rustic features of strong wood grain and random knotts. This range of furniture is also available in a painted or stained finish of your choice so you can create the ‘look & feel’ however you would like especially as we have such a large choice of furniture accessories available compliment your design.

Madison: The Shaker door that really stands out. Made in Ash timber so when painted the natural wood grain is highly visible. We have 16 paint colours to choose from or you can use our colour-matching service to create the individual finish you may require. The Madison range of furniture is also available in sumptuous natural light oak which will stand alone in its own right or can be used in conjunction with any one of our painted colours.

Wakefield: Our latest addition to the Shaker range with an attractive inner frame beading which sets off the plain flat center panel. The Wakefield range is made in Ash timber and is only available as a painted furniture product. The natural wood grain is highly visible and you have a choice of 16 standard colours or a specific paint colour using our colour-matching service. With curved doors, Mantle piece and solid posts will make a perfect addition to any kitchen.

Windsor Shaker: The ultimate contemporary shaker door range made with the latest technology using a PVC finish with a visable woodgrain effect through an Ivory finish which is also available in a painted colour of your choice. Our Windsor Shaker Oak uses the same technology offering a warm golden tones which will sit alongside the painted finishes in perfect harmony. This is  the kitchen range wont cost the earth without the need to compromise on style.

Select one of our contemporary ranges named below to get a taster of whats available –

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Clonmel lt oak main (800 x 500)

Clonmel lt oak low angle (800 x 500)

Clonmel_cinnamon-main (800 x 500)

Clonmel wnege & crm main (800 x 500)

Clonmel & steel main (800 x 500)

Clonmel-knotty-main (800 x 500)

Clonmel shelving cameo (800 x 500)

Clonmel-Lava&Musce-low-main (800 x 500)

Madison-Ivory-oak-overmantle-Main (800 x 500)

Madison-Ivory-Main (800 x 500)

Madison-Ivory-close-up-knobs (800 x 500)

Madison-Painted-Stone&White-Main (800 x 500)

Madison-Stone-close-up-curved-cornice (800 x 500)


Madison-Oak-Cameo-drawers (800 x 500)

Madison-Oak&Lt-grey-Main (800 x 500)


Wakefield-Ptd-Stone-cameo-stools (800 x 500)

Wakefield-Ptd-Lava-Oven-Housing (800 x 500)

Wakefield-Ivory&Ptd-Sage-green-main (800 x 500)

Wakefield-Ivory&Ptd-LavaStone-Main (800 x 500)

Wakefield-Ivory&Ptd-Blue-main (800 x 500)

Wakefield-Ivory-Quad-door (800 x 500)

Wakefield-Ivory-Pilaster-close-up (800 x 500)

Wakefield-Ivory-cameo-Glazed-frames (800 x 500)

Windsor-Shaker-Oak&Ptd-Stone-Main (800 x 500)

Windsor-Shaker-Ivory&Powder-Blue-Main (800 x 500)

Windsor-Shaker-Ptd-Stone-handle-Cameo (800 x 500)

Windsor-Shaker-Ptd-Lava-glass-Cameo (800 x 500)

Windsor-Shaker-Ptd-Lava&Stone-Main (800 x 500)

Windsor-Shaker-Oak-pan-drawers-Cameo (800 x 500)

Windsor-Shaker-Oak-Curved-Door-Cameo (800 x 500)

Windsor-Shaker-Oak_main (800 x 500)