If you’re looking for a very modern look with a cutting-edge design, then our Ultra Modern kitchens are for you. They are stylish and modern, yet because of their innovative construction and robust finishing, feature all of the quality and durability you would expect from a Westwood installation

Astro Gloss: Subtle tones in the Astro range are perfect for incorporating different shades and finishes into your kitchen. An outstanding workspace can be created with a wide variety of worktop, floor and tile designs which can be used to create a kitchen which is inspiring, striking and individual.

Strada: The ultimate style statement with handleless doors and drawer fronts. Available in white and cream both colours give a flawless, mirror-like finish. Internal and external curves give a simple, modern and stylish design to your kitchen.

Tavola: The Tavola range in a word is simply beautiful. A simple slab design in real wood veneer Oak, which can be stained to a colour of your choice, such as Cinnamon which uses the shades of light and dark in the grain patterns to create a finish which is both pleasing and modern. You can opt for a painted rather than stained finish to create even more of a statement.

Select one of our Ultra Modern ranges named below to get a taster of whats available –

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Astro-Vanilla-with-Tavola-Oak-Black-Brown-Ferrara (800 x 500)

Astro-White-_-Tavola-anthracite-main -with-curved-island (800 x 500)

Astro-White-Cameo-linear-set-cameo (800 x 500)

Astro-White-Main-linear-Set (800 x 500)

Astro-White-quad-doors (800 x 500)

Asro-White-Dakar-Main (800 x 500)

Astro-Alabaster-Tavola-Antracite-Main (800 x 500)

Astro-Vanilla-Quad-Door-Cameo (800 x 500)

Strada-White-Cameo-Island (800 x 500)

Strada-White-concave-Cameo (800 x 500)

Strada-White-concave-Main (800 x 500)

Strada-White-Main (800 x 500)

Strada-Ivory-concave-Cameo (800 x 500)

Strada-Ivory-concave-Cameo-2 (800 x 500)

Strada-Ivory-Main (800 x 500)

Strada-Ivory-Quad-Cameo-stools (800 x 500)

Tavola-Bk-Brown-Ferrara-modern-Main (800 x 500)

Tavola-Cinnamon_Latte-gloss (800 x 500)

Tavola-Cinnamon-Main (800 x 500)

Tavola-Hacienda-black-close-up (800 x 500)

Tavola-Light-Oak-Main (800 x 500)

Tavola-light-oak-handles-cameo(800 x 500)

Tavola-Bk-Brown-Ferrara-Main (800 x 500)